Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Green Things Update

We had another 5.5 inches of rain this week, so it may be miraculous that ANY plant in the garden is actually in good enough shape to eat, but the last head of bok choy (there were 6, originally) is heading for the dinner table.

I am still waiting for the 10 broccoli plants to head up, but their stems are thickening, which is a good sign.

Many of the lettuces, and all of the spinach plants, drowned in last month's Big Rain. The one kind of lettuce that has survived, though not exactly thrived, is the oak leaf lettuce. One is in the picture below. Oak leaf lettuce is also, typically, the last to wilt in a hard freeze and slow to turn bitter as the Spring heats up. It isn't my favorite lettuce in terms of flavor and ease of use, but it is reliable!

One short row of chicory is doing well in spite of all the rain. It is in the same bed as the drowned spinach and lettuces, and I am thinking that its tap root may have contributed to its survival. Chicory is too bitter for making a whole salad of just itself, but it is good added to other greens both in salads and in cooking. I like it snipped onto a pizza.

Other veggies doing well enough include cilantro, chard, the few beets I managed to save from the bunnies, carrots (2 kinds!), and winter radishes.

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