Thursday, October 15, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

Actually, this morning it was only drizzling, but it is definitely pouring now. The garden gets more and more neglected as the rain continues, but yesterday I squished my way across the yard to get basil and cilantro to go in last night's supper (Joe made vegetarian Pho, a kind of Asian noodle soup). The day before, I brought in some chard and a couple of peppers.

In addition, I finally went out to collect the green tomatoes that looked as though they had a chance of ripening in the house. I have been concerned that the remaining tomatoes would be ruined in the recent, copious rain, and I just couldn't leave them out in the garden one more day.

When these are gone, there will be, essentially, no more fresh tomatoes for us until next summer. We did manage to put some up in jars, and some have been sliced and dehydrated, but, as good as those are, they are not the same as fresh tomatoes.

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