Monday, October 12, 2009

More Rain! (And the Schedule)

My yard has had nearly four inches of rain since The Big Rain, and it is raining now. In addition, the National Weather Service is forecasting rain for this area for pretty much the entire week. After the years of drought, I know I shouldn't complain, but all this water is messing with my garden schedule.

I didn't plant the garlic and Fall onions over the weekend because the garden is still soggy. I didn't work much on garden clean-up, either. Same reason. The asparagus plants are turning brown, so it is time to chop those up for the compost, and the melon vines need to be removed (they will go in the garbage, though). The tomato plants are dripping with brown leaves that need to be pulled off for the trash, but working among wet plants is not a good idea---many diseases are much more likely to be spread in wet conditions than in dry. One of the pepper plants is all wilted (I don't know why, yet), and it needs to be pulled out. The eggplants are done, too. All of this activity needs to wait for a drier time.

Another activity that needs to wait for a drier time is digging up the sweet potatoes. If the coming week was drier, those could be dug up next weekend.

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