Friday, October 2, 2009

Early October Harvest

Harvests of summer veggies are slowing way down, but I am happy to report that the cowpea production is exceeding expectations by A Lot. The cowpeas in the bowl were picked several days ago and are all from a 3-by-5 foot planting. That isn't much space! The bowl is holding a heaping four cups of nearly dried cowpeas. They will shrink a bit more over the next few days, but not much, and more cowpeas are still out on the plants.

I was going to dig the plants up today to start getting that space ready for the garlic and multiplier onions, but that activity will have to wait another week. Instead, I took down the okra, which is falling over into the road (the plants were nearly 8 feet tall), and I pulled out the sunflower plants, which had turned brown and looked bad. The birds ate all the sunflower seeds, so there weren't any to harvest.

The tomatoes that are left are either small, with a long way to go before ripening, or larger and extensively cracked from all the rain. The plants look pretty bad, but I plan to leave them in the garden until the last possible second, in hopes of those smaller tomatoes getting larger. If they are mature enough when the first frost arrives, they will ripen inside.

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