Sunday, September 13, 2009

Transition to Fall

The bok choy is doing unusually well this year. Most often, it is just pathetic, but this year's crop is going to make some great stir-fry starting in just a few weeks. To get the picture, I had to move aside the tulle that protects it from the white cabbage moths that are parents to those voracious green caterpillars.

The wire fencing is in place to hold the tulle above the leaves, so the moths can't lay eggs on the leaves through the holes in the tulle. I'm not sure that they would, but I like to play it safe. When we get our first freeze, the tulle can come off the cabbage-family plants, because those white moths will be gone.

Other Fall veggies are doing variably well. Most of the greens look great. The broccoli and cabbage are growing slowly, and some of them haven't survived, so I am going to look for transplants when I am out later today.

The summer garden production has slowed down, but the cowpeas (pictured below!), planted when the zucchini came out, looks likely to give us a few suppers worth of peas. This is my first year with this variety, so I am really looking forward to that first serving!

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