Monday, September 21, 2009

The Return to Fully Hydrated Soil

I checked the rain gage at 12:45 p.m., and it was holding 3.6 inches of water, all accumulated since 8:15 this morning. Another check of the gage just a few minutes ago, at about 1:35 p.m., showed an additional 2 inches of rain. Holy Mackerel! This would explain why the creek that runs along the eastern edge of my yard has left its banks, dumping a small tree on the grass above its underpass.

I have lived here for 19 years, and even though the creek has risen enough to sweep across the road before, it has never come up over the bank on my side. The opposite bank is at least a foot lower, so when the creek comes up, it just spills out across the yard on the other side. Not today, however.

If it had been safer to go outside at the time, I would have taken a picture showing how close the creek came to my house. I grew up in Oklahoma, though, so I know better than to go out in rising water and when the lightning flashes are simultaneous with the thunder, which sounds today a lot like I imagine cannons to sound.

The photo below is looking toward the creek across the side yard. One end of the hammock is just barely visible, attached to the big tree to the right. It doesn't look quite as relaxing today as usual.


  1. I've been checking back hoping for an update and also hoping to hear good news that you and your family are okay because I know that you may have gotten a lot more rain Monday in addition to what you already wrote about.

  2. Thanks for your concern, Supermom! We are all fine, and the water did stay out of the house. My lettuces and spinach look pretty sad, but some may survive.

    The extra rain on Monday did bring the creek level up about halfway to the top, even though it was only another couple of inches of rain. The ground is still soggy, so there is no way for any more water to soak in; it has to just run on downhill! I am thinking that Lake Allatoona must be very full right now (that is where our creek-water eventually goes).

    Hope your family, home, and yard are also keeping safe and well!


  3. I'm so glad to hear that all went well for you.

    Our area didn't get near the rain that yours did, though for a while we did have a "lake" in the backyard from the runoff. If my garden beds weren't raised beds, they would have been underwater, but while good and soaked, they fared okay.


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