Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rainstorm Update

We lost our internet connection in yesterday's rainstorm, which came complete with nearby lightning strikes, and a guy from AT&T showed up this morning to bring and install a new modum. Our old modum was old enough that jokes about donating it to a museum were made (we are thinking that it was at least ten years old).

It was weird to not have access to the internet.

The good news is that repairs we (well, mostly Joe) had made following the Big Rain of '09 mostly held. There is a low retaining wall on the uphill side of our back yard that was washed under in the Big Rain, and we had dumped several wheelbarrow loads of rock and sand into the hole that formed underneath. We will need to add more rocks and sand, but what we had already dumped in did seem to help in yesterday's 2 inches of rain.

A bigger problem that we had to work on concerned the rain barrel. We had installed the barrel during the drought under a downspout at the back corner of the house on the uphill end. During the mostly wimpy rains of the past few years, this worked just fine. When it seemed that more rain was on the way, if the barrel wasn't empty, I would drain it in advance, taking the water to plants that needed it.

In last week's Big Rain of '09, the barrel filled early, with no way for me to keep it emptied between rains because no "between rains" actually occurred. The water from the downspout couldn't go into the barrel, so it just spilled out over the top. As it did, it splashed onto the side of the house (we have cedar siding) and ran down the little path to join the river flowing from under the low retaining wall.

Needless to say, erosion occurred (on the little path), and the cedar siding nearest the rain barrel got wetter than it should have---it is still damp. To keep this from happening again, Joe moved the barrel down to the back corner of the back deck, using a piece of downspout to connect the barrel to the bit of downspout that comes down the corner of the house.

In yesterday's rain, this seemed to work. The siding didn't get splashed, and the side path doesn't seem to be eroded any worse than it was. I will need to stop one of those wood-chippers the next time I see one in the neighborhood, because we could use a truckload of wood chips to put on our paths.

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