Sunday, August 2, 2009

Now and Later

Once again, Blogger has turned a picture ninety degrees, so it is weird to look at, but the idea still gets across. The garden is producing plenty of vegetables! A couple of cucumbers and a big squash didn't fit in the basket, so they aren't in the picture, but they will make it into our meals before too long.

One skinny, red okra, from the one red plant, is in with all the rest. That one red plant still makes me laugh. The tomatoes are Wuhib, a paste tomato that, according to Joe, is surprisingly tasty for its kind (most paste tomatoes really are better cooked).

The pale cucumbers on top are North Carolina Picklers. They develop a yellow hue as they mature, like the lemon cukes that people seem to love, but they stay cylindrical, instead of getting round like the lemon cukes.

The cucumbers that you can't see, the ones on the bottom of the veggie pile and the ones that aren't in the basket, are slicers. The peppers (just two in the basket) are a banana pepper and a red mini-bell.

This is basically the same assortment of veggies that I've been bringing in for a few weeks now, but soon, I hope, melons will be added to the harvest.

This is the furthest along of the Schoon's Hardshell melons.

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