Sunday, August 16, 2009

Harvest, Continued

This is most of what I harvested from the yard in the last couple of days. Some veggies are missing, of course, because we ate them. Also, the Heritage raspberries are producing their late-summer batch of berries, but those never make it into the house.

The tomatoes are Cherokee Purple, Wuhib, Arkansas Traveler, and, nestled among the okra, some Matt's Wild Cherry. The peppers are banana peppers and mini-bells. The last of the cucumbers are almost hidden from view behind a Sugar Nut melon. We are getting plenty of okra, and the one garden-section of green beans that’s left, the section that was planted last, is still producing pretty well.

The Casper White eggplant is the first to ripen from the second wave. After harvesting the first wave of eggplants, I put a big shovelful of composted manure under each plant, and the plants have responded well. Plenty of flowers and new fruits developed.

The winter squash is the first of what I hope will be several. It turned completely to its current buff color a few weeks ago, and I decided to bring it in before anything (insects, critters) happened to it.

The really great dough bowl that the veggies are in is a gift from my friend Cheryl. Her grandfather made it a long time ago. She wanted me to have it because she knows how much I like making bread (thanks again, Cheryl!). This bowl will hold twice as much dough as my other bowl, so I am now longing for cooler weather, so I can make bread without overheating the house!


  1. Amy, your havest looks fabulous!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Joe. Even though the garden got off to a slow start because the Spring was so cool and wet, and recently it has been so hot and dry, I am pretty happy with how the garden is doing this year. We certainly have plenty of good veggies on hand!


  3. When I was young, we had blackberry bushes that grew next to the sidewalk that led from our house down to the main part of the army base. We often talked about picking berries to eat at home, but they never made to the house.

    What conditions do the raspberries need to grow?

  4. Hi Noelle! Raspberries are okay with part sun, but they do better with closer to full sun. Mine get five to six hours of sun each day, but I would get more berries with more sun.

    I dug in a bunch of organic matter before planting them (compost, bags of composted manure) but mostly have just mulched them deeply with leaves in the fall ever since. They need more water than I have given them in the last few years, but they look good right now.

    How's the latest novel coming?



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