Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Morning's Harvest

These are the veggies that I brought in from the garden this morning. It isn’t a huge amount, I know, but every day the harvest is different, both in terms of quantity and variety. (Not sure what happened when I uploaded the picture, but Blogger turned it ninety degrees, and it is weird to look at. Sorry!)

Two different kinds of cucumbers are in the basket, along with two different bush beans, a little okra, an Arkansas Traveler tomato, Yellow Marble Cherry tomatoes, Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes, a zucchini, and an eggplant.

Growing a little bit of lots of different veggies is a good strategy for me, because even if/when one crop fails, I still get something to harvest. And, if one day’s harvest doesn’t result in enough of one particular veggie for a meal, it is likely that the following day or two will bring in more so that, added together, enough for a meal is gathered in.

The next eggplant to be harvested will be a Rosa Bianca instead of a Casper White, and the next squash will be a Trombocino (a.k.a. Zucchetta) Squash instead of a Raven Black Zucchini. In fact, this zucchini is the last; I pulled the plant out of the ground before coming into the house because the poor thing was so wilted from squash vine borer activity.

This morning’s harvest doesn’t include any peppers, even though plenty of peppers are out in the garden. Since leaving them on the plants tends to only improve their flavor, up to a point, we usually go out to get peppers as we need them. When lots of peppers start to change colors, or when a large enough quantity is suitably sized for canning, then the pepper-harvest strategy changes. Right now, the jalapenos look good, but the plants still have a lot of smaller peppers that will get bigger. When enough are big, we will harvest a bunch all at once and can some. Same goes for the salad peppers.


  1. What beautiful veggies! I don't suppose there is a prayer of starting tomatoes for the fall here in Atlanta, is there?

  2. Karen,

    I think the general recommendation for this area is to not plant out any tomatoes after the second week in July. Like much of gardening, the decision to set plants out now would be a gamble!

    If you have a protected, sunny location, and a way to keep the plants warm through the first frosts, you might get some tomatoes.

    There are other veggies that are a bit less of a gamble for planting now. Fall lettuces, spinach, chard, beets, etc are also beautiful!

    Hope your garden is growing well!



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