Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Harvest

I am usually the last of my gardening friends to start getting ripe tomatoes from the garden. I haven’t called around to check (that would be too much like gloating!), but this year may be different. This morning, when Joe and I were out checking the garden, we went to look at the Yellow Marble cherry tomato and saw two very yellow little tomatoes.

A better blogger might have run inside to grab the camera, to document the event. Instead, we looked at those two tomatoes, looked at each other, then each picked one to eat right then. Mine was delicious, and Joe says his was, too.

We noticed that more little tomatoes are turning yellow on that plant, and some on the Matt’s Wild Cherry tomato plant are turning red. Most years, my first ripe tomatoes appear at the end of June, or even in the first few days of July—not sure what made the difference. I’m not complaining, but I would like to be able to repeat this event in other years!

In addition to the first tomatoes being ripe, another zucchini (the third one!) was ready to come into the kitchen, along with another big pile of green beans. It’s the kind of day that gardeners really look forward to—when the previous hard work is paid off with good food.

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