Friday, June 12, 2009

The Planting is Never Finished

I pulled up the garlic today and put a cherry tomato plant, given to me by a friend (thanks Maddie!), in that space. I had thought that this would be the last tomato plant to go in the garden this year, but I noticed today that the space between the most recently planted tomatoes and the Sakata’s Sweet melons is pretty big, nearly four feet. I may cram in one more tomato plant, especially since the Sakata’s Sweet melons don’t look nearly as robust as the other melons.

In addition to planting the cherry tomato, I finally planted some beans where the radishes had been. I originally had thought to plant the rest of the Hestia dwarf runner beans there, but reading that runner beans don’t like hot weather made me rethink the plan.

Instead, I planted some more Roma beans (bush type) in that 2x3 foot space; they do just fine in the heat. I will save the rest of my packet of Hestia for the containers that currently are full (I hope!) of potatoes. If I plant Hestia in those containers in the first week or so of August, the beans will have a chance to mature in cooler weather, in late September and early October.

The zucchini plants are just about to start providing squash to my kitchen, which means that they probably will be sad little heaps of wilted leaves in about three weeks. Rather than leave the space bare when the plants keel over from the squash vine borers, I will replant their little rectangle with southern peas. There is a packet of Pigott Family Heirloom Cowpeas, from Sand Hill Preservation, waiting in my fridge for this exact occurrence.

14 June edit: I totally forgot that I also planted some New Zealand Spinach last week. I've never grown it before.

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