Thursday, June 4, 2009


The tops of about half the yellow onions had fallen over by last weekend, and that is a sign that it is about time to harvest. Overall, the onions didn’t get as big as they do some years, but I did get enough good sized onions that I can’t really complain.

On Monday, I knocked over the rest of the tops, and on Tuesday, I popped them all out of the ground and laid them out in the sunshine. According to “Growing Onions in the Home Garden” by UGA, the outer layer of the bulb should be allowed to dry a bit before storage. I never plant so many that they have to actually keep for very long, just about three months, but I think trying to do this right is good practice, in case I ever end up with a big enough garden that keeping onions for several months becomes a possibility.

The multiplier/potato onions didn’t multiply all that much, but I think I will try growing them one more year before giving up on them. The idea of not having to go out and buy “starts” every year is very appealing, and this kind of onion provides its own starts each year. I dug these up last night, because the forecast is for (surprise!) rain. Their tops have also fallen over, and I didn’t’ want them to get too soaked. I’ve put them on a tray on the covered front porch. When the sun finally comes out again, I will set them out to dry for a day or two.

The red onions, planted three (or four?) weeks after the yellow onions, haven’t made bulbs. but they are sending up flowering stalks, a sign that they are done growing. I am thinking that they needed to get planted out much earlier, at the same time as the yellow onions. Next year, maybe I will be able to make that happen.

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