Monday, June 15, 2009

On the Radio

I was an actual live guest on the “America’s Home Grown Veggie Hour” on Sandy Springs Radio last Saturday. Even though I have never been in a radio station before, I managed to not ruin the program! Actually, it was a lot of fun, and I had a great time talking about growing food.

The station, which is available online as both real-time and archived shows, has a lot to offer gardeners. On Saturday mornings, the veggie hour follows “The Chicken Whisperer,” and “The Master Gardener Hour” follows the veggie hour. In addition, a new chef is going to have an hour on Tuesdays, which will give gardeners more ideas about what to do with all their good produce.

One of the topics Kate Copsey (the host) and I talked about was the value of networking sites like the one provided at Kitchen Gardeners International. That particular site (also linked on the sidebar of this blog!) provides useful information about growing and using veggies, and it also promotes some great garden-related projects/endeavors. In addition, it includes a Groups area where people can register to join groups that are centered around their own gardening interests. Groups are centered around, for example, container gardening, urban gardening, front-yard gardening, and gardening in Georgia.

Now, I am very fortunate in having lots of gardening friends, but when I first started gardening here I didn’t know anyone else who was trying to grow food, and knowing some other vegetable gardeners would have been helpful. The growing conditions (soil, climate, pests) here are very different than the growing conditions where I gardened before. That difference meant that my first few years gardening in Georgia did not go as smoothly as I would have preferred.

Online groups like those hosted through Kitchen Gardeners International can help a new gardener, who might not yet have developed a solid network of gardening friends, through that first year with fewer problems. Of course, anyone who is gardening in a community garden has a built-in network, and might have less need of an online group, but out here in west Cobb County, the community garden wave has not yet landed.

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