Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Zucchini of the Summer

This zucchini plant is the variety Raven. In terms of appearance and flavor, this squash variety has done well for me, and I will probably look for it again when buying new zucchini seeds (next year!). I especially like how darkly green it gets.

The seed packet is from Shepherd’s Seeds, and it doesn’t have a date on it so its exact age is unknown, but I have been growing plants from this packet For Years. Next time I get seeds with undated packets, maybe I will remember to write the purchase-date on them!

Knowing the date of purchase can help in figuring out what is causing problems that might arise. For example, if seeds don't germinate, it could be that they are old! Luckily, these Raven zucchini seeds did germinate, but there aren't any left in the packet.

The larger squash visible in the picture is going onto tonight’s pizza, along with other garden produce: chard, basil, and yellow onion.

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