Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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We are having an unusually late cool spell, with lows in the forties and highs in the low seventies. The lettuces, peas, and radishes are very happy. Normally at this time of year, highs are in the high eighties, lows are in the sixties, and the last of the lettuce is crammed into the fridge to keep it from turning bitter out in the heat.

This week, we quit cutting the asparagus, we pulled and ate the last of the carrots, and we started harvesting the peas. It looks as though this year we might actually eat all the cool-weather lettuce (except for the few heads of Tom Thumb that I am letting go to seed) before the cool weather ends. The spinach is all eaten---by us, not bugs or bunnies. We may have too many radishes.

Just before the start of the last big rain, my youngest son helped transplant the cucumbers and melons out to the garden. Actually, the rain started before we were quite finished, but, because of his help, most of the summer garden is finally planted. The popcorn is coming up, and so is the okra.

I still have sweet potatoes to plant, and the cool weather vegetables will need to be replaced as they finish. Dwarf runner beans will replace the radishes and some of the onions, (more)chard will replace the lettuce, and tomatoes will replace the garlic and the rest of the onions.

When the zucchini are killed off by the squash vine borers, they will be replaced by southern peas.

It's always good to have a plan!

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  1. Amy
    I love it that you grow veggies in the front garden!
    Would you be able to be a guest on this Saturday's show? We can promote your blog as well as the kitchen garden site. I would like to get 2 people, so you would only havae to chat for 20 - 30 minutes about what you have just said in the blog really - what you just harvested/finished harvesting and what you are now planting.
    Let me know at ktcopsey@aol.com
    Thanks, and thanks for the great welcome on the kg site.


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