Friday, April 3, 2009

A Few More Seedlings

Last weekend, I transplanted little tomato plants into bigger pots, and I started seeds of marigolds, zinnias, China asters, basil, marjoram, a little more of the Slobolt lettuce that is supposed to tolerate heat, a little more perpetual spinach chard to replace regular lettuces when they come out, Rutgers tomatoes to replace the onions and garlic when they come out, and a few more peppers and eggplants. The first round of those didn’t germinate as well as usual, and I want a few more, even though they will be a bit behind in setting fruit.

The last frost date is approaching (15 April!), so the end of indoor starts for the Spring is almost here, but I will be planting a few more seeds in a tray this weekend: sunspot sunflower, cosmos, and dill, for sure. This weekend I'll also be bumping up the original set of eggplants and peppers into bigger pots. Not sure where I'll put them; already the dining room is pretty well filled with small plants.

Around 15 April, I will start melons, cucumbers, and sweet potato slips. The melons and cucumbers will get transplanted out to the yard after only two or three weeks. The sweet potatoes won’t get transplanted to the yard until later, in mid- or late-May.

The beet and radish seeds are still in their packets, and they should have been planted out already. I am a bit behind in planting out these seeds because it is not good to work with soggy soil. The good news and bad news is that we’ve been getting rain —three and a half inches last week and an inch and a half this week. The soil is too wet for planting, but we’ve been in drought for so long that I can’t really complain. The deep soil layers need to be recharged, and it will take a lot of rain to accomplish that.

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