Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

I don't have anything special planned for Earth Day, but I am pretty sure that every little bit of work done towards growing food locally, like in my yard or any garden nearby, counts as a mini-celebration. If it does, then I have been to a nice little party already, because I worked two hours this morning at the Plant-a-Row-for-the-Hungry garden that's just about a mile from my house.

I also planted a Yellow Marble tomato (grown from free seed) in a big pot that I've moved out to the flower part of the veggie garden in front. One of my gardening friends found the pot, one of eight, by the curb, waiting for the garbage truck, on her way to work yesterday. She split the stack with me, so I have three more pots to fill (note: this will not be a hardship). It does mean that I will have to find some more potting soil.

Recycling large plastic pots that were meant for the garbage might also count as celebrating Earth Day. However, this kind of recycling goes on all the time with gardeners. Pots are always in short supply, and we are always scrounging them from other people's trash. These just happen to be especially nice pots.

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