Thursday, March 12, 2009

Early Spring Chores

Yesterday, a small volcano was erupting under the mulch in one of the beds. When I went out to pull the mulch away to see what was up, it turned out to not be a very small column of magma; instead, it was the first fat asparagus spear of the season. That meant it was time to rake away, carefully, the mulch over the asparagus bed, and when I did, I found the tips of several more spears of asparagus.

We always really appreciate the asparagus, for a few reasons. The first is that I don’t have to replant it every year (less work!), and the second is that we just love asparagus. Another is that it is the first new vegetable of spring. We still have some carrots and parsnips out there, and plenty of parsley, but it will be a few weeks before the lettuce, spinach, and other spring greens will be ready.

I also noticed that the peas were coming up, so today I put out the climbing string for them. If I wait too long to put up the string, the peas don’t climb as well; it needs to be there right as they push into the air.

The greens under the cold frame look great. I thought about removing the plastic last weekend when it got so warm (low eighties!), but then I remembered the rabbit that loped across our front walk just the week before. That rabbit, or one a lot like it, is the reason I didn’t get any beets last fall; every time the leaves got more than a couple of inches tall, they were sheared off. I think the plastic covering over the spring greens might protect them long enough for me to eat them before the rabbit and its assorted relatives do.

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