Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Usually, I keep seedlings by the south-facing glass door that opens onto the deck, with fluorescent lighting overhead for cloudy days and other dark times, but today the temperature reached into the low 60s, so my first flat of seedlings has enjoyed several hours of direct sunlight on the back deck. This first round of seedlings is for the new cold frame. I started this flat last weekend, so the seedlings are all just little cotyledons (seed leaves) on barely visible stalks, but they are mostly up and looking good.

The seedlings include lettuces (Bronze Arrow, Oak Leaf, and Tom Thumb), spinach (Bloomsdale Longstanding), cilantro (unnamed variety from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange), chard (Perpetual Spinach), a red chicory (Italiko Rosso), and broccoli (Piracicauba). These should all be able to withstand the cold weather that I know we have still ahead of us.

In addition to the great weather, my last seed order, the one from Sand Hill Preservation, arrived today. This was the last order I sent out, and that was via regular mail and only a couple of weeks ago, so I didn’t really expect it for another week. Not only was my order complete, but it came with a bonus packet of seeds, for Yellow Marble Cherry Tomato. I checked the catalogue description and learned that this is an indeterminate variety, so by August the one plant from these seeds that I plan to start is probably going to overwhelm the pot I expect to grow it in. I can’t wait!

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