Tuesday, January 13, 2009

These are the Times that Try [Gardeners'] Souls

Well, the soul-trying is a bit of an exaggeration (and I owe a Huge apology to Thomas Paine, I know), but January and February can be tough months for a gardener. There is no rebelling against the weather, unless a gardener is in happy possession of a greenhouse, and I am out of luck in that department. I’ve ordered seeds and made a plan, and now I have to wait. At the end of February, when we usually have a few days of spring-like weather before the temperatures drop again, I can get the garden ready for the first plantings of the year—potatoes, peas, and onions. Until then, we are eating up what we saved from the harvests of 2008 and just waiting…

The good news is that we’ve had an additional two inches of rain since my last report—the ground in my yard is actually SQUISHY. Some good news/bad news is that we are about to have some very cold weather, with temperatures down into the lower teens. We don’t get this level of cold every year, and the Atlanta area in general is not usually prepared for it, since even when it comes, it is brief. The daffodil buds that have pushed up above the soil, though, are still tightly wrapped and should be fine. The flowers of my Camelia japonica won’t fair so well, but there are plenty of buds on the shrub to open out more opulent, pink flowers when the crisis of cold has passed.

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