Friday, October 17, 2008

A Garden Song

Although this sounds like a song for Spring planting, getting the soil ready for Spring starts now. As older crops come out, I add more mulch: leaves stolen from the curb and wood chips left from the pile a tree removal service dumped by the driveway in the summer.

Last year, when my office/work hours were earlier, my time in the office overlapped with the janitorial staff, and we talked some about gardening. One woman's pastor was encouraging everyone to start a garden and to plant fruit trees, in preparation for the hard times to come, because "the Lord will save his children, but they have to do their part." Mulching now to protect and build the soil is something to do now, as our "part." As a bonus, my husband will be glad when the last of that chipped wood pile is out of the way of his mowing!

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