Monday, September 15, 2008

Old and in the Way

Sometimes a gardener has to be ruthless. Late summer is one of those times. The reason is that, in a small garden anyway, summer crops are still taking up all the space in the garden, and may be producing. However, by now, some of that production has slowed way down, and the best way to get more food from the garden is to rip those old plants out, bury them in the compost heap, and plant some Fall crops in their place.

Over the last few weeks, that is exactly what I’ve been doing—pulling out the Roma and the Burpee Tenderpod bush beans, the Greek and North Carolina Pickling cucumbers, the zucchetta, last year’s chard that is finally starting to bolt, and all three kinds of melons. In their place, I’ve planted some Fall veggies:

lettuce—Tom Thumb, Oak Leaf, and Bibb
spinach—Bloomsdale Longstanding and Space Hybrid
collards—Georgia (I don’t like these, but my husband does)
chard—Perpetual Spinach
carrots—Little Finger and Jaune du Doubs
chicory—Della Catalogna
beets—Early Wonder Tall Top
broccoli—nine little plants from the Home Depot
pak choi—unnamed variety from Bountiful Gardens
radishes—French Breakfast and Muncheiner Bier

I will continue to make little plantings of French Breakfast radishes for a while, and in October I’ll plant the garlic and the potato-onions. That should just about finish my Fall vegetable planting.

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